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Diabetes Education

Whether you have just been diagnosed with diabetes and do not know where to begin, or you simply need an update on the best way to manage your diabetes, the North Oaks Diabetes Education Program can help you take control of your condition. Our health care experts at North Oaks Health System are dedicated to equipping members of our community with the information they need to increase their quality of life for diabetes.

The necessary lifestyle changes to manage your diabetes may seem overwhelming. Our program is designed to provide practical information and assistance to help you achieve your healthiest life with diabetes.

Our Team

The North Oaks Outpatient Diabetes Education team consists of experienced health care professionals who partner with your physicians to help you better understand your condition. The program components work together to provide you with a personal plan to manage your condition and help lower your risk of complications. With a physician referral, you can take advantage of the following program offerings listed on this page.

Individual Diabetes Education

This one-on-one consultation with our Certified Diabetes Nurse Educator will help you understand your personal diabetes diagnosis, as well as answer any questions you may have about your condition.

Components include:

  • Diabetes self-management skills assessment
  • Personalized plan for checking blood sugars and medications
  • Blood glucose monitoring and meter information
  • Explanation of diabetes test results
  • Foot screening and care information
  • Insulin administration training

Nutritional Education

A registered dietitian will review your individual nutritional assessment and help you develop a meal plan for diabetes management. The program focuses on incorporating good nutrition into life in the real world, including:

  • Carbohydrate counting
  • Portion control
  • Food label reading
  • Making restaurant and fast-food meal choices

Diabetes Basics and Nutrition Class

This small group course continues your education on making the best lifestyle choices to help you manage your diabetes. Bring a family member or friend for support as we explore the following topics:

  • Understanding diabetes and available treatment options
  • Healthy eating and physical activity
  • Diabetes medications and how they work
  • How to check and understand your blood sugar levels
  • Ways to prevent, detect and treat short- and long-term diabetes complications
  • Goal setting, problem-solving and stress management

Follow-Up Sessions

Our team will continue to check on your progress and address your individual needs through in-person and phone follow-up sessions. Together, we will review your personalized goals and treatment plan and monitor your results. Follow-up sessions also may include foot care classes and screenings.

Education Meetings

Monthly group meetings are free and open to those with diabetes and their families and friends. Speakers from the health care community share valuable insight on current topics related to diabetes. These meetings also provide participants with an opportunity to share experiences, tips, ideas and concerns with others.

Potential support group meeting topics:

  • Heart Disease Risk and Prevention
  • Eye Care and Diabetes
  • Lifestyle Factors that Affect Blood Glucose
  • Goal Setting to Manage Diabetes
  • Tips for a Low Carb Diet

Provider referrals are not necessary; however, seating is limited, and registration is required. Reserve your space via online registration at Classes & Events or by calling North Oaks Community Education at (985) 230-5723.

How to Participate in the Diabetes Education Program

Your physician can refer you to our program. In addition, many insurance plans (including Medicare) help cover the cost of diabetes education. For individual policy coverage, contact your insurance carrier.

Check out this online and downloadable quiz from the American Diabetes Association to see if you may be at risk for diabetes.

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