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Caring for Our Smallest Patients

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The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) at North Oaks Medical Center is designed to treat the special needs of the hospital's smallest patients. With advanced equipment and personnel trained in the care of babies born prematurely or with other health problems, the unit is equipped to successfully care for infants weighing less than two pounds. In addition to a highly trained staff, the NICU team also includes a neonatologist and neonatal nurse practitioner, 24/7, assuring you that, should the need arise, your child receives the special attention he or she needs.

Highly-Ranking Neonatal Intensive Care Unit

Every one on our staff is dedicated to getting your baby healthy so that you can be a family at home. And, we’ve been recognized for our commitment. North Oaks NICU is ranked among the top 25 percent in the U.S. according to the prestigious Vermont Oxford Study in its review of patient outcomes in selected areas.

Donor Human Milk Program

North Oaks NICU is proud to offer the Donor Human Milk Program. Donor Human Milk may be supplied to babies in the NICU with parental consent. Human milk is especially important for premature babies who are more likely to develop potentially life-threatening intestinal infections if they are fed formula. A baby in the NICU might be eligible to receive donor milk if they are born prematurely or are low birth weight.

Human milk makes a difference in how well tiny and fragile babies do after birth. It is proven to provide ideal nutrition for growth, fight infection, promote brain development, and potentially even shorten the hospital stay for a growing premature baby. Through donor milk, preterm babies are still able to receive the benefits of breast milk to help them grow and thrive even if mom is not able to provide her own milk. The program may be used for just a short time while mom is attempting to produce enough of her own milk or may be necessary for a longer period of time. A neonatologist may recommend donor human milk for your newborn and one of our lactation consultants can answer any questions you may have.

For more information, contact lactation at (985) 230-6415.

Mother Milk Bank Austin brochure

Listen to our NICU medical director and lead lactation consultant discuss how the Human Donor Milk Program helps nourish preterm babies.

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