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The North Oaks Neurosurgery Clinic specializes in the prevention, diagnosis, surgical treatment and rehabilitation of disorders that affect any portion of the nervous system including the brain, spinal cord, peripheral nerves and extra-cranial cerebrovascular system.

  • Spinal Disorders
    • Non-surgical and surgical treatment of back and neck pain
    • Microscopic or minimally invasive surgeries
    • Disc herniation and spinal stenosis
    • Cervical and lumbar fusion
    • Complex spinal reconstruction
    • Treatment of failed back/neck syndrome
    • Worker’s compensation injuries
  • Cranial (Brain) Disorders
    • General neurosurgery
    • Cerebrovascular - aneurysm, AVM and stroke
    • Cerebral hemorrhage
    • Neuro-Oncology - brain tumors and skull base tumors
    • Adult hydrocephalus
    • Trigeminal neuralgia and facial pain
    • Pituitary tumors
    • Computer assisted neuronavigational surgery
  • Peripheral Nerve Disorders
    • Carpal tunnel
    • Ulnar nerve
    • Other entrapments
  • Neurological Sports Injuries

Once a condition is diagnosed, the clinical team provides each patient with an individualized treatment plan to guide the path to recovery and wellness.

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