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In-Lab Sleep Study (Polysomnogram)

A Polysomnogram (PSG) is an in-lab overnight sleep study in which patient is instructed to spend the night in the sleep disorders center where our technologist will apply sensors and monitor bodily functions during sleep.

The health care providers usually order this test for patients with symptoms of sleep disorders which include but are not limited to: snoring, sleep apnea, insomnia, excessive daytime sleepiness and restless legs.

What to Bring

  • Your physician order (your physician may have already sent this to us)
  • Personal ID / Insurance Card
  • Medication to take at bedtime if prescribed and instructed by your care provider.
  • A completely filled-out Sleep Questionnaire that our sleep center mailed to you.

How to Prepare

  • Please bring comfortable clothing to sleep in. T-Shirt and pajama bottoms are acceptable.
  • Please shampoo and dry your hair prior to your arrival. Be sure your hair is free of any oil, excessive sprays or other hair products. Gentlemen should come clean-shaven, unless you normally wear a beard.
  • If possible, avoid taking any naps during the day of your sleep study.
  • Do no use any caffeine-containing products (i.e. coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate) after 12 noon on the day of your sleep study. (Decaffeinated products do contain small amounts of caffeine.)
  • Please inform the sleep lab if you wear a hair weave or hair piece. Do not wear a quick weave sewn-in hair net or a glued-on toupee.
  • Cell phone and electronic devices will need to be silenced or turned off and put away once the study is started.
  • If possible, please avoid acrylic nails and lacquer nail polish.
  • Do not stop taking any medicines without talking to your doctor. Please bring a list of all medicines (and dosages) that you are currently taking. Be sure to bring all medicines you will need with you to your sleep study.
  • Family members who come with you to the Sleep Disorders Center must leave once preparations begin. If you need special assistance or help, please make plans ahead of time with the Sleep Disorders Center staff.
  • Please bring your own toiletry items such as toothpaste, deodorant, etc. You may bring a personal pillow, if necessary, to help you sleep better. You will have about 1 hour to adjust to your surroundings before the sleep test begins.
  • If you are having a sleep study due to problems with excessive daytime sleepiness or plan to take a sleep medicine, make sure someone drives you to the Center and picks you up after testing. If this is not possible, call us at (985) 230-6083, and we will help you find a solution.

What to Expect

  • When you arrive at the sleep center, our sleep technologist will escort you directly to your room.
  • Our room is a soundproof, hotel-style bedroom with an adjustable, queen-sized bed, a recliner and a private, a full bathroom.
  • Our technologist will go over the hospital’s forms and the sleep screening form with you. He/she will explain the procedure that your doctor ordered.
  • During the setup, you will have disc-like electrodes applied to your scalp using a conductive paste to hold them down and a few body sensors applied to measure breathing and body movements.
  • At the start of the test, a technologist will turn off the light in your room to allow you to fall asleep. If you are here for a sleep apnea treatment therapy, the technologist will turn on a CPAP machine at this time.
  • You will be given a patient call button to call your technologist, should you need assistance at night.

How Sleep Study Results are Provided

A board certified sleep specialist (a doctor who is specially trained in reading and interpreting sleep study) will interpret the data and send the result or information to your doctor.

Schedule an Appointment

Call North Oaks Sleep Disorders Center at (985) 230-6083.