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Nuclear Medicine

If you suffer from certain gastrointestinal, endocrine or neurological disorders or have heart disease or cancer, your health care provider may order nuclear medicine tests. Nuclear medicine involves the use of small amounts of radioactive substances injected in the body to help diagnose or classify the stage of your condition.

In addition, nuclear medicine scans obtain information that cannot be found using other imaging types, such as how your organs function.

Nuclear Medicine Tests Offered

Below are common nuclear medicine tests offered. Contact us to learn about other tests.

How Are Results Provided?

Results are provided to your doctor typically within 48 hours of your visit. Studies are read by a board-certified radiologist with North Oaks Imaging Associates. Your results are available to your doctor in a CD format upon request.

Where are Nuclear Medicine Services Provided?

See below for a list of North Oaks locations that offer Nuclear Medicine services.

Schedule an Appointment

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