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Home Sleep Study

Unlike an in-lab sleep study exam, a home sleep study is a simplified sleep screening test that tracks your breathing and oxygen level while you sleep in the comfort of your home. The test does not fully capture what is being monitored as in an in-lab sleep study and is often used to determine if a more in-depth sleep study in the lab is necessary.

What to Bring

  • Personal ID
  • Insurance card(s)
  • A completely filled-out Sleep Questionnaire from our sleep center (if provided)

How to Prepare

  • Do not use any caffeine-containing products (e.g., coffee, tea, cocoa or chocolate) after 12 noon on the day of your sleep test. (Decaffeinated products do contain small amounts of caffeine, so please avoid them, too.)
  • If possible, please avoid acrylic nails and lacquer nail polish.
  • Do not stop taking any medicines without talking to your medical provider.

What to Expect

  • A sleep technologist will go over the forms, and then you will sign out a sleep testing device. The technologist also will demonstrate how to hook up the monitor.
  • This device will be programmed to start collecting data around your bedtime.
  • We will also give you a summary of the device hook-up instructions, the technologist’s name and a phone number to call if you need to reach us that night.
  • You will be given a sleep diary to fill out when you get up the next day. This sleep diary also contains the sleep technologist’s contact information if you need to reach them.
  • At bedtime, you will hook up the device and sleep with it that night.
  • You will be asked to return the device on the following morning.

How Sleep Study Results Are Provided

A board-certified sleep specialist (a medical provider who is specially trained in reading and interpreting sleep studies) will interpret the data and send the results to your medical provider.

Schedule an Appointment

Call North Oaks Sleep Disorders Center at (985) 230-6083.

If you are a provider and need to send an order, please fax it to (985) 230-6113.