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3T MRI Now Available at North Oaks Health System in Hammond

North Oaks recently added a new SIGNA™ 3.0T MRI Scanner to enhance the health system's arsenal of screening and diagnostic tools and increase patient access.

The 3.0T MRI software and new air coils are state-of-the-art technology newly released by GE. As a result, it allows for shorter exam scan times, which increases appointment availability and contributes to a better overall patient experience.

The 3.0T's magnet strength provides better small joint visualization and improved abdominal, breast and neurological exam protocols. Its wide bore offers more room than small MRI units, increasing patient comfort and reducing the effects of anxiety and claustrophobia. In addition, the coils that attach to the MRI unit are more advanced and less constrictive, allowing the technologist more freedom with patient positioning to increase the comfort of those with limited mobility.

SCHEDULE AN APPOINTMENT by calling North Oaks Patient Scheduling at (985) 230-7777 between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

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