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Circle of Care

Patients and their caregivers are at the center of the North Oaks Hospice Circle of Care. When they seek our services, our team works with patients and their families to design the plan of care that fits the patient's wishes.

Medical director of hospice, Dr. Abir Abdo, is a fellowship-trained and board-certified geriatrician, who oversees each patient's care, making sure the proper medical plan is in place as well as ancillary services are lined up to support the patient.

Dr. Abdo works with clinical director Lisa Goings to make sure all necessary resources are applied, each patient and their family has their needs met, and handles the day-to-day management of North Oaks Hospice.

Each patient has an attending physician who certifies the diagnosis and works with the hospice team on a personalized plan of care.

Registered nurses are a key part of the team. They manage and coordinate patient care on a patient-facing level, listen, comfort, and care for the patient's needs. Our registered nurses relate feedback from the patient and the patient's family back to the hospice team to adjust and update the care plan as needed.

Certified nursing assistants are another key component of the care circle that surrounds the patient. They provide direct personal care to the patient, apply comfort measures as needed and works with the patient's family to educate them on what to expect and how to best meet the wishes of the patient.

Chaplains and social workers provide non-clinical support. Chaplains assess the spiritual needs of the patient and the family and often enhance the communication between the patient and their support team.

Social workers assess the psychosocial needs of the patient, ensuring that all facets of the patient's care are addressed. The social worker can refer for additional counseling needs. They also provide bereavement resources and can connect patients and their families to appropriate support groups.

The North Oaks Hospice team encircles each patient and their family with the personalized care they need as they face a terminal diagnosis.