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Who We Are

  • Mr. A.J. Bodker

    Former teacher, coach and principal of Ponchatoula High School and former Chairman of the North Oaks Health System Board of Commissioners

    “The Foundation is important to me because North Oaks is vital to our community. I have served in the business and building aspects of North Oaks. Now I am honored to represent North Oaks by being an extension of the hospital through community work and service.”

  • Mrs. Cally Berner

    Director of Event and Conference Services at Southeastern Louisiana University and former Marketing/Business Development Coordinator at North Oaks Health System

    “As a former employee of North Oaks Health System, I remain passionate about linking our community with those locally dedicated to serving their health care needs. Whenever I hear of someone looking for a physician or in need of diagnostic or rehabilitative care, I am quick to connect them with the staff that is eager to help or an online resource such as I plan to use my skills in marketing and event planning to serve the mission of the North Oaks Foundation, bringing about awareness of the Health System’s purpose and services, while offering a way for those with a positive health care experience to share their gratitude.”

  • Dr. John Crain

    President of Southeastern Louisiana University

    “I am happy to serve on the inaugural Board of the North Oaks Foundation to help ensure that North Oaks Health System continues to be successful as a key driver of quality of life in our community.”

  • Mr. Stanley Dameron, Treasurer

    President and CEO of First American Bank and Trust

    “As a member of the inaugural board, I look forward to working with the other members to establish a sound foundation for the future growth of the North Oaks Foundation.”

  • Mr. Alton Lewis, President

    President and CEO of First Guaranty Bank

    “The Foundation is important because North Oaks is vital to both the health care and economy of our area. It is essential that we do all that we can to ensure the “health” of North Oaks Health System.”

  • Dr. James Nelson, Vice President

    Retired General Surgeon of North Oaks Health System and emeritus member of the medical staff

    “I am pleased to be a member of, and advocate for, the North Oaks Foundation, which serves as a conduit through which grateful patients, family members, and friends may express their philanthropic appreciation to North Oaks Health System.”