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  • Today is Wednesday, May 20th, 2020 –and the first week of Phase I!
  • We’re hosting a blood drive today in the ODC until 3 p.m. Blood supplies are critical in our area. Please give if you can. (If you gave at our last blood drive in March, you are eligible to donate again.)
  • State Stats: The state of Louisiana has 35,038 confirmed cases of COVID-19, with 2,458 deaths and 26,249 presumed recovered. Hospitalizations are down to 1,004 with 112 vented patients.
  • North Oaks Stats: North Oaks has 26 COVID-19 patients in house, and 1 PUI, with 5 patients on vents. We have successfully discharged a total of 162 COVID patients!
  • Michele announced that Amanda Morse has been named to the Region 9 nursing home strike team. Way to go Amanda!
  • Employee Wellness reports we have 11 employees home monitoring symptoms, with 6 returning to work this week and 4 pending evaluation to return. Procedures at Employee Wellness are returning to normal! Employees who are ill (for any reason) are asked to call ext. 5706 during business hours. After hours, call PBX to page the Employee Wellness representative on call.
  • The health of our North Oaks Family is always a top priority. Please don’t delay YOUR needed medical care. It’s a great time to make that appointment for care you may have had to postpone during the COVID crisis. Your doctor will work with you to ensure you meet the criteria for being seen during Phase I.
  • Population Health reports 47 calls to the COVID-19 line yesterday with 10 video visits. The drive-through testing station has 35 patients scheduled today, with 16 in the queue. Overall we have provided 2,543 tests, and 500 have been positive; 36 test results are pending.
  • Kanna reports a steady increase in volume in the clinics: we will see approximately 2,400 patients this week; volume in the walk-in clinics is up slightly. Walk-in clinics will be open from 8 a.m. – 4 p.m. on Memorial Day.
  • Same Day Surgery will be closed on Monday – so the Main Entrance will be closed as well. Employees should plan to enter through the Tower Lobby.
  • Volume in the OR is up to 60% of normal; ED volume is picking up as well. We will see approximately 200 people in the ODC today.
  • Supplies are generally good. We’re a little low on hair bouffants – so please use only when needed.
  • PLEASE wear your mask appropriately, including when you’re in the cafeteria and the PJs line – let’s set a good example for patients, visitors and one another. Masks should ALWAYS cover your nose and mouth. Let’s let the public see us doing the right thing consistently!
  • Please have a safe and restful Memorial Day.