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Executive Management Team

Senior Leadership at North Oaks Health System

The daily operations of North Oaks Health System are led by a 12-member team that advocates innovative thinking and investment in technologies and programs that allow North Oaks to deliver the highest quality care and achieve the vision set by the Board of Commissioners.

Michele Kidd Sutton, President / Chief Executive Officer
Michele Kidd Sutton
President / Chief Executive Officer

Michael Watkins, Chief Operating Officer
Michael Watkins
Chief Operating Officer

Mark Anderson, Chief Financial Officer
Mark Anderson
Chief Financial Officer

Robert Peltier, MD, Chief Medical Officer
Robert Peltier, MD
Chief Medical Officer

John Derenbecker, Chief Legal / Mission Integration Officer
John Derenbecker
Chief Legal / Mission Integration Officer

Jeff Jarreau, Chief Human Resources Officer
Jeff Jarreau
Chief Human Resources Officer

Kirsten Riney, Chief Nursing Officer
Kirsten Riney
Chief Nursing Officer

Mac Barrient, North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital Administrator
Mac Barrient
North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital Administrator

Herbert Robinson, MD, Chief Health Informatics Officer
Herbert Robinson, MD
Chief Health Informatics Officer

Tracy Randazzo, Vice President Strategy Outreach
Tracy Randazzo
Chief Strategy/Outreach Officer

Larry Daigle, Vice President Performance Management
Larry Daigle
Vice President Performance Management

kanna page, Vice President of Clinics
Kanna Page
Vice President of Clinics