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Speech Therapy

Speech therapy aims to help patients of all ages, from infants to adults, with speech, language or cognitive disorders to increase their ability to communicate. Speech therapists also help individuals with trouble swallowing, which can make eating and drinking difficult. North Oaks’ speech-language pathologists evaluate you and implement a customized speech therapy plan designed to meet your needs, with clear objectives and strategies. This program addresses communication, cognition and/or swallowing disorders due to injury, disease, congenital disorders or developmental delays.

Depending on your initial evaluation and assessment, our speech-language pathologists may recommend the following services for you:
  • Speech therapy, including oral-motor exercises, articulation exercises, voice exercises and fluency exercises

  • Language therapy, including receptive language exercises, expressive language exercises, cognitive retraining, auditory processing exercises, memory restoration/compensation exercises, reading exercises, writing exercises, math/reasoning exercises and alternative modes of communication therapy

  • Computerized services, including voice analysis/training, assessment for speech nasality and aphasia training

  • Neuromuscular electrical stimulation

  • VitalStim® therapy – a noninvasive therapy, which uses an electrical current to stimulate the muscles responsible for swallowing. It is the only FDA-cleared device for treating dysphagia (swallowing difficulty.

  • Dysphagia management/training. Assessment using videofluoroscopy and treatment programs designed according to best practice guidelines, including diet modification suggestions and compensatory strategies

  • Pediatric assessment and treatment, including treatment of autism, cerebral palsy, congenital and developmental delays

  • Pediatric personalized care path program

  • Patient/family education

If you have a question about speech therapy services or need to schedule an appointment, please call (985) 230-6160.

Fax a Referral

If your healthcare provider recommends speech therapy, consider North Oaks Rehabilitation Services. Fax your patient referral to (985) 230-6428.