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Thyroid Lobectomy Relieves Patient's Cancer Fears

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Thyroid Lobectomy Relieves Patient's Cancer Fears

For 10 years, Maria lived with the fear that the nodule on her thyroid gland could possibly be cancerous. Although her physicians were monitoring the nodule, Maria was concerned that, like her parents, she too may 1 day receive a cancer diagnosis.

Upon relocating to the Northshore, Maria had to find a new physician to monitor her thyroid condition. She spoke to friends, who highly recommended Dr. Jacques Peltier of North Oaks ENT & Allergy. Maria decided to make an appointment to see him.

Dr. Peltier performed a fine needle aspiration biopsy that confirmed the tumor was benign. He reassured Maria that it could continue to be monitored annually with ultrasounds. After a couple of years, the nodule started to grow and show suspicious signs, so Dr. Peltier recommended that it be surgically removed at North Oaks Medical Center.

“I was very confident with his decision to remove it,” Maria asserts. “I had confidence in Dr. Peltier’s course of action and plan of care. He is a very thorough and knowledgeable doctor, whom I knew I could trust.”

Dr. Peltier performed a thyroid lobectomy, and removed the left lobe of her thyroid gland. The lobe was immediately examined by a pathologist, sent for a biopsy and was found to be non-cancerous.

“As a St. Tammany Parish resident, I would definitely come back to North Oaks,” Maria affirms. “My overall experience was a good one, and the care I received was amazing. Thanks to Dr. Peltier and North Oaks, I am now relieved to be worry free!”