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Getting It Spun, Run and Done: Lab Debuts New Automation System

Getting It Spun, Run and Done: Lab Debuts New Automation System

The North Oaks Department of Laboratories is “spinning and winning” with its new, state-of-the-art automation system!

The new system replaces the previous model, increasing the lab’s productivity and efficiency. With the new automation process, fewer hands touch the specimens, further reducing human error and freeing up staff time to ensure they interpret results correctly and do their best for our patients.

Using robotics, conveyors and analysis that integrates with internal computer systems, the automation line processes and transports specimens according to what tests are needed. It loads them into a centrifuge or one of the analyzers (affectionately named “Mac & Cheese”), assesses the test results, and then stores and archives the specimens. Specimen movement and result reporting are based on identifying specimens using bar codes and timestamps, ensuring adequate documentation and accuracy. The new automation system also can prioritize STAT specimens — bumping them to the front line — and routinely rechecks critical results for correctness.

So, when patients need blood work, a urinalysis, biopsy results or other laboratory tests, our expert lab team has what it takes to process them with the highest quality and precision.