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Wear A Mask While Social Distancing

Wear A Mask While Social Distancing

Wearing a mask or face covering is an act of kindness and courtesy, just like social distancing. When health and public officials ask you to wear a mask in indoor spaces and anytime when you are near others who are not in your immediate household, it’s important to shield against germs. When you wear a mask, you protect others. When they wear masks, they protect you.

How to wear face masks

drawing of person demonstrating how to properly wear a face mask

  • Masks should fit snugly but comfortably against the side of the face.
  • Masks should be secured with ties or ear loops.
  • Masks should include multiple layers of fabric.
  • Homemade masks made of cloth should be washed and machine dried without damage or change to shape.
  • Wash your hands before applying.
  • Cover both your nose and mouth with your mask.
  • Try to avoid touching your mask.
  • Completely remove your mask while eating.
  • Cloth masks or face coverings should be washed and dried after each use. When your cloth mask is not in use, fold it with the side that goes toward your mouth folded into the inside. Store the mask in a resealable bag or clean storage container.
  • Disposable masks should be thrown away when soiled and should never be used for multiple days.

Source: Louisiana Department of Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


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