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Find Out the Causes, Symptoms and Treatment Options for an Enlarged Prostate

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  • Written By: Brad Lake, MD
In this special National Men’s Health Month edition of “North Oaks Health Notes” on Tangi 96.5 FM, host Johnny Chauvin and Urologist Brad Lake, MD,with North Oaks Physician Group’s Northshore Urological Associates, talk about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of an enlarged prostate.

They also talk about how North Oaks is partnering with Boston Scientific to offer a free seminar this month to encourage men to “man up” and seek regular medical advice and preventive services to end needless suffering from treatable health conditions.

Women are 100 percent more likely to visit the doctor for annual examinations and preventive services than men, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. This results in men living sicker and dying younger than women in the US. National Men’s Health Month is celebrated each June as a time to heighten awareness of preventable health problems and encourage early detection and treatment.