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What is Impella?

The Impella® is the world's smallest heart pump and FDA-approved as safe and effective for high-risk patients receiving a variety of procedures used to open clogged coronary arteries (those that deliver blood to the heart).

How Does It Work?

The cardiologist places the Impella heart pump into position using standard cardiac catheter techniques, inserting the catheter into the leg artery and guiding it into the heart.

Once in place, the Impella pump is turned on, providing support to the heart while monitoring the pumping activity. The Impella pump mimics the natural pathway of bloodflow to the heart to the ascending aorta, increasting blood pressure while unloading the heart and providing more blood supply to vital organs, such as the brain and kidneys.

Because blood flow is maintained and protected, your physician can better perform a complete and optimized procedure.

A procedure performed with Impella could lead to less stays in the hospital, fewer repeat procedures and an improved quality of life for the patient