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Celebrating Black History Month with Dr. D'Antoni "Tony" Dennnis

Celebrating Black History Month with Dr. D'Antoni "Tony" Dennnis

North Oaks is proud to honor Black History Month. Several of our employees have shared their inspirations, mentors, and personal highlights in celebrating Black culture.

Dr. D’Antoni “Tony” Dennis, a North Oaks ENT and Allergy specialist, is North Oaks Medical Center chief of staff and was recently named to the North Oaks Medical Center's Medical Executive Committee for 2024.

He was honored as the health system’s Physician of the Year in 2021. Dr. Dennis said one of his inspirations is someone he meet in medical school. 

He shared that getting to know Dr. Kenny Iloabachie, a Black MD/otolaryngologist in Texas, perked his interest in his specialty. 

"Dr. Iloabachie was a senior ENT resident physician at that time and I admired his work ethic, study habits, and the way he cared for his patients. He helped me to develop a plan to pursue a very similar career path."

Another inspiration during training for Dr. Dennis was learning of Vivien Thomas, a black cardiac pioneer who worked in a lab. Thomas never obtained formal education past high school yet helped develop a procedure in the 1940's to treat "Blue Baby Syndrome," also known as cyanotic heart disease.

"I was amazed at his story of overcoming financial adversity and barriers imposed by a segregated society to eventually mastering surgical techniques and research methodology," Dr. Dennis said. "Vivien Thomas inspired me to find a career path where I can truly enjoy the work and help others."

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