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2023 Annual Vaccination Guide

2023 Annual Vaccination Guide

2023 Annual Vaccination Guide

Help Protect Yourself & Others by Staying Up To Date on Vaccinations

From childhood to adulthood, certain vaccinations can help protect us from illnesses and diseases that can be serious — sometimes deadly. Many of these diseases are common, but vaccines can prevent them.

Even if you got all of your vaccines on schedule as a child and adolescent, you still need some vaccinations as an adult. That’s because:

  • Our immune systems weaken with age.
  • Certain diseases are more common in older people.
  • Older adults are at higher risk for severe complications from diseases.
  • The protection from some vaccines can wear off over time.

When you get vaccinated, you don’t just protect yourself — you also protect others. This is especially important if you spend time around small children or anyone with a long-term health problem or weakened immune system.

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