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Spring Forward Safely

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  • Written By: Gabrielle Cox
Spring Forward Safely

After being on hiatus due to COVID-19, many recreations came to a halt. Now that we are beginning to implement these activities again, adjusting ourselves and our children back to this lifestyle can be difficult. 'Springing forward' presents plenty of opportunities to venture outdoors and reacquaint ourselves with some of our favorite pastimes. However, if the proper precautions are not taken, preventable illnesses and even injuries can happen.

Just a little planning and forethought can make this spring a season to remember – for all the right reasons! Get started with these resources prepared by the health experts of North Oaks Health System.

Protect Your Noggin!

If you’re planning to take to the streets, sidewalks and trails on bikes or skateboards, wear a helmet. Not just any helmet will do. Type, size and the age of the helmet are important considerations. Make time to check that your helmet is properly fitted to ensure overall effectiveness. For more information about helmet safety, the CDC shares tips here.

Drink Up!

In many cases, just being outdoors in warmer, sunnier weather requires a few extra precautions. Yardwork, sports and exercise in warmer weather always makes proper hydration a top concern. Symptoms of heatstroke and dehydration can often appear suddenly and without warning. Use North Oaks Sports Medicine’s handy guide to find out if you are drinking enough water.

Stay Shady!

Sunscreen and sunglasses also are essential during lengthy exposures to heat and sunlight. From causing cancer to cataracts, the sun’s harmful Ultraviolet (UV) rays are dangerous to the body, and Dr. Addie Smith of North Oaks Eye Care Clinic and Dr. Frank Henchy of North Oaks Dermatology Associates suggest taking precautions to protect your skin and eyes from their effects.

Swim Smart!

Along with longer, warmer and sunnier days comes a natural inclination to head for the water. Here in southeast Louisiana, our nearly unlimited access to water is matched only perhaps by the potential for danger when safety is not considered. When in or around any body of water, proper flotation devices are a must – regardless of swimming ability. Just like natural bodies of water, pools can be endless sources of fun, as well as potential danger. Listen to this podcast by Dr. Farhan Siddiqui of North Oaks Primary Care in Hammond to learn how to “pool safely.”