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Robotic Surgery Helps Kentwood Resident Take Knee Replacement In Stride

Robotic Surgery Helps Kentwood Resident Take Knee Replacement In Stride

After nearly 30 years of working in the restaurant business, Kentwood resident Edna “Dale” Johnson, 67, hung up her apron.

She owned and operated The Café in Kentwood for 12 years, with the help of one of her daughters. But once her daughter started her family, Dale found herself managing the business alone.

“I just couldn’t do it by myself anymore,” Dale emphasizes.

All the years of working on her feet was taking a toll on her knees. Pain began to set in, but Dale refused to let it stop her. She worked through it, even taking up her current job at a local car wash after selling the restaurant. She put off seeing a health care provider until she realized that running her business was not the only task she was unable to do; her knee was keeping her from doing other things she enjoyed, such as riding a bike, doing aerobic exercise and working in her garden. Just walking had become extremely painful, making it difficult to enjoy life with her daughters Stacey Tolar, Selena Morgan and their families.

When Dale’s knee pain reached the point where it was affecting her daily life, she sought out the help of North Oaks Orthopedic Specialty Center Surgeon Vince Lands, MD, who worked with her trying several non-surgical treatment options.

“After we exhausted all available conservative options,” Dr. Lands explains, “Dale and I decided together to do a knee replacement procedure to help relieve her pain.”

Knee replacement, or total knee arthroplasty, is a surgical procedure that involves resurfacing the cartilage surfaces of the femur and tibia, the bones which make up the knee. During the procedure, the damaged cartilage is removed and replaced with metal implants, spaced by medical-grade plastic to allow the knee to glide easily.

Dr. Lands used the ROSA® Knee robotic system to assist in performing Dale’s knee replacement. ROSA®, which stands for Robotic Surgical Assistant, aids our surgeons in providing the most precise alignment for new knee joints by personalizing the joint for each patient utilizing the system’s computer software and technology. The surgeon remains in complete control of the procedure.

“The entire North Oaks Orthopedic Specialty Center family is excited to have the ROSA® Knee technology available to our community,” asserts Lands. “With ROSA®, we’re performing knee replacements as a same day surgery using the latest technology and advances in medicine to achieve high reliability outcomes with less pain and quicker recoveries for our patients.”

Depending on medical history and individual situation, sometimes a surgeon may require a patient to stay overnight for observation and healing. With the help of ROSA® however, most total knee replacement procedures at North Oaks are done on an outpatient basis, as was the case with Dale.

“When I tell people I had my knee surgery done as an outpatient, they are amazed!” Dale emphasizes. “I have a coworker who had knee surgery last year and is planning to have his second knee done. After hearing my experience, he just may check out Dr. Lands!”

After knee replacement surgery, an individual is typically able to resume most normal activities in about 3-6 weeks. For Dale, she was sure to follow Dr. Lands’ instructions at home after surgery to ensure a successful recovery, including doing her prescribed therapy and exercises.

“I’ve been good! My therapists have been shocked at how well I’ve done,” Dale exclaims. “Even when I first went to therapy, they were surprised by how much I was able to do from week to week.”

Dr. Lands agrees.

“Once Dale hit her stride, there was no stopping her,” Dr. Lands adds. “It’s been a life-changing procedure for her.”

Dale is all smiles talking about her improvement since her surgery.

“I am so much better now. There’s such a difference. Even surgery and the healing I went through at first was nothing compared to the pain I had before,” she emphasizes. “Now I am able to walk. Just walking is such a difference.”

She also encourages those who may be facing knee surgery to not put it off.

“I would definitely recommend having it done. I know everyone is different, but if people have the same results that I have had, they will be pleased.”

If you’re experiencing knee pain, see an orthopedic surgeon to find out if total knee replacement is right for you. To schedule an appointment with Dr. Lands at North Oaks Orthopedic Specialty Center, call (985) 275-9052.