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Dry Eyes Driving you Crazy?

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  • Written By: Addie Smith, OD
Dry Eyes Driving you Crazy?
Watch Dr. Addie Smith of North Oaks Eye Care Clinic explain how to use her 4 quick tips that help you get relief from dry, itching, burning or irritated eyes. 

4 Quick Tips for Dry Eye Relief 
1. For a refreshing sensation, cool your eye drops in the refrigerator about an hour before using them. A cool compress applied can help too.
2. Try lubricating, preservative-free eye drops formulated especially for people with allergies to help with irritated and dry eyes.
3. Don't wear your contacts for too long, change them as prescribed and always wash your hands before handling them in order to keep the contacts clean.
4. Take frequent breaks from computer work or reading and keep your eyes lubricated by remembering to blink often.
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