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Stressed or Overwhelmed? Try These Lessons in De-stressing.

Stressed or Overwhelmed? Try These Lessons in De-stressing.

There is no doubt that last year was trying year for many of us. With the new surge in COVID-19 cases and navigating a constantly changing "normal," you might be experiencing extended periods of stress. Crisis fatigue, the mental and physical exhaustion caused by sustained stress, has become a common response for many people, and it can take a toll on your health.

Chronic stress, which leads to excessive amounts of cortisol and other stress hormones flooding your body, can affect almost every aspect of your health from sleep, to digestion, blood pressure, diabetes and mental well-being. Stress may be unavoidable, but we encourage you to find small moments of peace each day to focus on you, which can help offset the affects of crisis fatigue, stress and anxiety.

Listen to Family Nurse Practitioner Michelle Civello discuss crisis fatigue, how it impacts your health and what to do to manage it.

Try Michelle's guided deep breathing exercise for peace of mind.

This quick, calming flow is easy to incorporate into your wellness routine anytime, anywhere.

You also can try one of these apps available on iPhone and Android for download: 
Calm (free) 
Simply Being - Guided Mediation for Relaxation ($1.99)


1) Take 60 seconds throughout the day and focus on deep breathing, which can provide an instant, calming effect anytime, anywhere.

2) "Stress eat" the healthy way by incorporating fruits, veggies and lean meats into your diet to strengthen your immune system.

3) Sip stress away by drinking plenty of water to avoid dehydration and reduce cortisol levels.

4) Aim for 8 hours of good sleep to relax your mind and recharge your body.

5) Establish a routine for stability, which lessens anxiety and helps you manage stress better.

    For help with coping with crisis fatigue, stress and/or anxiety, schedule an appointment with a North Oaks primary care provider -- click here or call (985) 230-APPT (2778).

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