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What Caretakers Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

What Caretakers Need to Know About Prostate Cancer

Odds are that a man in your life has a 1 in 9 chance of being diagnosed with prostate cancer.

Because cancer of any kind can be a physical and emotional challenge, it’s important to be supportive and fight the disease as a team.

Here are some suggestions to help you attack prostate cancer together.

• Go with him to doctor’s appointments and ask questions. Information can be overwhelming and confusing.

• Help him communicate with other family members and friends. You can be his voice at a time when he may not want or be able to talk about the disease.

• While your guidance is important, support him in the treatment decisions he chooses – even if you don’t agree.

• Because prostate cancer affects you both, don’t ignore the emotional impact it has on you. Find someone like a pastor, counselor or close friend to share your feelings with.

• Communicate with each other also. It’s important to talk about how you both feel.

• Accept that you may find a new meaning in life as you deal with prostate cancer.

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