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Is a VBAC delivery right for you?

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  • Written By: April Sandifer, MD
Is a VBAC delivery right for you?

If you’ve delivered a baby by cesarean section and would like to have the experience of a vaginal birth after cesarean (VBAC), talk to our providers about the possibilities.

Although VBACs aren’t for everyone, we can help you understand if you’re a candidate and what’s involved. Each woman’s situation is different so having a conversation is important to consider both the risks and the benefits.

Some of the benefits include no abdominal surgery, a shorter recovery period, lower risk of infection and less blood loss.

Trial of labor after cesarean (TOLAC) is a planned or attempted VBAC. A birth is officially considered a VBAC once the TOLAC results in a vaginal delivery.

You may be a good candidate for a TOLAC if:

  • You’ve had a vaginal birth before.
  • You’ve had just one cesarean section in the past with a low transverse uterine incision. The most common kind of cesarean section incision, the cut is horizontal and low on the uterus.
  • You and your baby are in good health during pregnancy.
  • Your labor starts on its own just before or on your due date.

Some of the risks include infection, blood loss or other complications like a rupture of the cesarean scar on your uterus.

Factors that may prohibit you from a TOLAC or decrease your chances of having a successful VBAC:

  • You have the same condition that made your cesarean section necessary in a past pregnancy.
  • You’re past your due date or labor is induced.
  • You’re obese or have a high body mass index.
  • You have preeclampsia, a condition that involves high blood pressure and signs that some organs may not be working properly.
  • You had a cesarean section in the past and your incision was not low transverse.
  • You had a uterine rupture in a previous pregnancy.
  • There’s less than 19 months between your last pregnancy and your current pregnancy.
  • Your baby is very large.
  • You’ve had extensive surgery on your uterus.
  • You’ve had complications during your pregnancy like diabetes, heart disease, genital herpes or placenta previa.

As you prepare for the birth of your child, be sure to discuss your concerns and expectations with your doctor. If choose to have a VBAC, be sure to deliver your baby at a facility that’s equipped to handle an emergency cesarean section.

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