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3 Steps To Slim Down This Summer

3 Steps To Slim Down This Summer

We all know the story. We want to lose weight, start a diet, lose a few pounds and then eventually gain the weight back again. Magazines, newspapers, radio, television and websites bombard us with weight-loss program options, but how can you tell what plans are safe and right for you?

Long-term weight control should focus on your overall health and not just on diet. Developing healthy habits may help in keeping weight off, but it isn’t always easy to change your lifestyle.

Carmen Krail of Tickfaw fought this familiar battle. “My weight has been an issue for me over the past 8 years,” she explains. “I have tried to lose weight on my own, but have not been successful.”

With added weight, Carmen developed high blood sugar and had to begin taking medication to control it. She found it difficult to exercise and had little energy. A busy nurse, wife, mother and grandmother, it wasn’t always easy for her to stick to a plan on her own. When her own diet attempts didn’t help, Carmen decided to consider a weight-loss program to assist her.

If you find yourself in a similar situation, here’s a three-step plan that can help you win the weight-loss battle.

1. Talk with your doctor.

A great place to start your weight loss program is a visit with your doctor. He or she will review your medical history and help you set appropriate goals for weight loss, as well as exercise and activity levels that are right for you.

2. Do the Research.

When evaluating your options for weight loss programs, look for a program that promotes healthy behaviors to assist in weight loss and keeps you focused on realistic goals. A slow and steady weight-loss goal—usually ½ to 2 pounds per week—is a good measure. An effective weight-loss program will include ways to help keep the weight off once it’s lost. Ongoing monitoring, feedback and support throughout your journey also should be offered.

“I had heard some testimonials about the Ideal Protein plan,” Carmen shares. “Since so many people I knew had been successful with it, I decided it was the program I wanted to try. When North Oaks began to offer it, I signed up right away!”

Ideal You at North Oaks is an independent, authorized clinic for Ideal Protein, a medically developed weight-loss program that can help you make smarter eating choices and keep the pounds off. A registered dietitian provides coaching through all phases of the program to document weekly progress and keep motivation high with:

  • Weekly weigh-ins and body measurements
  • Education on eating right to maintain your goal weight
  • Grocery store tours to learn healthy shopping habits
  • Quarterly cooking demonstrations to give your diet variety.

3. Have a long-term strategy.

Carmen found the Ideal Protein program easy to follow and stick to for the long-term, and she has lost more than 50 pounds. The monitoring and support has been key in her success. “Rebecca, the dietitian, is always encouraging and supportive, and I began seeing results immediately. My experience has been wonderful.”

“It’s not just about losing weight, but also being healthy,” Carmen points out. “I have more energy, and I’ve been able to restart an exercise program since it’s so much easier at this point. I no longer need medication to control my blood sugar. I feel so much better overall since losing weight.

Are you ready to start your weight loss journey?

If you need a physician to guide you, check out our “Find A Physician” tool or call the North Oaks Physician Referral Information Line at (985) 230-DOCS [3627]. Click to learn more about Ideal You at North Oaks or call (985) 230-1880.