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Weight Loss

Love what you see in 2019. Achieve your weight loss goal – and maintain it.

Ideal You at North Oaks is an independent Ideal Protein clinic that offers a medically-developed weight loss program. We work with you to help you develop smarter eating habits and a healthier lifestyle so you can achieve your weight loss goal—and maintain it. Throughout the four phases of the program, you will meet with registered dietitians to document your weekly progress and monitor that the pounds you’re losing are fat, not lean muscle. Our program is the only clinic in the area overseen by a registered dietitian.

Ready to make a lifestyle change? Contact us today.

If you’re ready to change your lifestyle, call to schedule your free consultation, or plan to attend a free informational seminar. Prior to your first appointment, you’ll need to complete a Health Profile and Acknowledgement Form, which will be used to determine if this weight loss program is appropriate for you.

Call us to schedule your free consultation, receive the Health Profile and Acknowledgement form, or to register for a free information seminar. Gift certificates are also available for purchase. Teachers receive a $50 discount during August and September by presenting a school ID at the initial consultation.

Refer a friend and you both win! Achieve your weight loss goals together.

What YOU Win If you refer a friend, and he/she signs up for Ideal You at North Oaks by paying the one-time registration fee, you will receive one free box of products (or 7 items).

And for every referred friend who signs up, your name will be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $25 Ideal You gift certificate.

What YOUR FRIEND Wins By including your name in the "who may we thank for referring" section when signing up, your friend will receive $50 off his/her one-time registration fee.

New clients will also be entered into a drawing for a chance to win a $25 Ideal You gift certificate. Drawings will be held in March, August and November.

Upcoming free seminars:

We have seminars at both our Hammond and Walker locations. See our events for information or to register for a free informational seminar.

Current Clients


What does Ideal You offer that makes it different for other diets and programs?

Registered Dietitians. Personalized plans. Ongoing support. Variety. These things set Ideal You apart from other programs. Your health coaches are registered dietitians (RDs)-they are experts in nutrition science. Anyone can call themselves a nutritionist, but only an RD has met strict education and training standards in order to receive their degree and license, so you know you are receiving the highest level of nutrition counseling.

Our RDs understand medical issues that impact weight, too-such as hypertension, high blood pressure, and diabetes-so they are trained to develop a safe and effective plan tailored to meet your needs and support you throughout all phases of the diet. Please note that some health conditions may restrict participation or may require consent from your healthcare provider. Our weight loss method works by stabilizing the pancreas and blood sugar levels while burning fat. Once you’ve reached your goal, you will learn how to manage your weight and keep the pounds off-for good!

What happens during visit?

Upon joining the program, your Registered Dietitian will be your weight loss coach and meet with you weekly. During your visits, your RD will measure your arms, legs, waist, hips, and chest weekly and log your inches lost. You also will discuss your eating habits and what is and is not contributing to your progress. Once you’ve reached your weight loss goal, your RD will work with you to put together a weight management plan to help you keep the pounds off. And for your convenience, we offer early morning, lunchtime, and late afternoon appointments.

We provide our clients with regular tips and online video recipes to creatively use the recommended food products to keep meals interesting. We offer you the option to purchase items individually versus having to purchase products by the box. This way, you’ll be able to try different products and let your taste buds decide which foods will work for you before committing to a whole box of food.

How long is the program?

This is completely based on your weight loss goal. If you follow the Protocol established by your dietitian, the timeframe is as follows:

Phase 1: Depends upon your weight loss goal and how quickly you lose weight
Phase 2: Two weeks
Phase 3: Two weeks
Phase 4: Finished-Maintenance plan to allow more freedom in your diet while maintaining your goal weight.

Does insurance cover this? How much does it cost?

This program is not covered by insurance plans. A one-time registration fee of $200 is due at your first appointment. This fee includes all of your weekly visits, your measurements and BMI scans. Food products and supplies are additional costs, which vary throughout phases. Gift certificates are available for purchase.

What if I’ve already paid my one-time registration fee at another clinic?

If you’ve previously enrolled in another Ideal Protein™ clinic, we will waive your registration fee if you can provide the following:

Receipts from previous clinic or email from your health coach
Verification through the My Ideal Protein website

If your membership cannot be verified through these measures, you are required to pay the registration fee at our Ideal You clinic.

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