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The Healthy Habits of Dr. Deborah Shuman

The Healthy Habits of Dr. Deborah Shuman

Osteoporosis affects millions of women in the US. A woman’s risk of breaking a hip due to osteoporosis equals her risk of breast, ovarian and uterine cancer combined. Although frail bones are of specific concern for the elderly, women of all ages need to take steps to keep their bones strong as they grow older.

Dr. Shuman knows it’s important to take care of herself so she can care for her family and her patients.

"I stress to my patients the importance of caring for themselves at every stage of life," affirms Dr. Shuman. "Many of the choices we make and behaviors we develop early can affect us as we grow older, including our risk for osteoporosis. But, it's never too late to create healthy habits."

She shares her top three strategies for osteoporosis prevention:

  • Eat a well-balanced diet.--Healthy eating promotes all-around good health. Eat fruits and vegetables that are good for bone health, like broccoli, kale, strawberries, oranges and bananas. To build even stronger bones, be sure to get enough calcium and Vitamin D.
  • Exercise regularly.--The best exercise for you is the one that you will actually do. Whether it’s walking, biking or working out on equipment, choose an activity that suits you and that you will look forward to doing. To help build and maintain strong bones, try adding some weight- bearing or muscle-strengthening exercises into your routine.
  • Avoid smoking and second-hand smoke.--If you don’t smoke, don’t start! Smoking may cause a decrease in bone density, in addition to other more well-known health risks. If you are a smoker, quitting can benefit you greatly.

Remember to talk to a health care provider before making any major changes in medications, diet or exercise.

Dr. Shuman is board-certified in Obstetrics and Gynecology by the American Board of Obstetrics and Gynecology and is trained in minimally invasive surgical techniques, including laparoscopy and da Vinci® robotic surgery. She sees patients at Magnolia Obstetrics & Gynecology in Hammond and Walker.