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North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital

Your Rehabilitation Treatment Team

North Oaks health care professionals are dedicated to helping you reach your highest level of recovery. Our goal is to create an environment that fosters teamwork and good communication between you, your loved ones and your treatment team.

Your team includes:

  • Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctor - manages all phases of your care. A rehabilitative doctor holds a certificate of specialty from the American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation. Rishi Pathak, MD, is Medical Director of North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital.
  • Physical Therapists (PT) – help you improve your strength, balance, mobility and flexibility in activities such as getting in and out of a bed or chair and walking or using a wheelchair.
  • Occupational Therapists (OT) – help you regain the ability to do your everyday activities such as getting bathed and dressed, shopping and preparing meals.
  • Speech Therapists (ST) – help you restore your function from losses in your speech, language, hearing or swallowing abilities.
  • Case Managers or Social Workers - provide individualized or group counseling as needed. Case managers and social workers communicate closely with you and your family to discuss your goals and progress; and organize meetings between you, your family and your treatment team. They also coordinate discharge planning to ensure a positive transition from inpatient rehabilitation to your discharge destination.
  • Rehabilitation Nurses – focus on your specific medical and emotional needs.
  • Rehabilitation Nursing Assistants and Technicians – assist professionals in caring for you.
  • Support Staff – members of your team that help you on your pathway to recovery. This includes respiratory therapists, nutrition specialists, audiologists, pharmacists, orthotists/prosthetists, a bus driver, vocational counselors and rehabilitation engineers.

Other Services

Certain services that you receive as a part of your care at North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital will be provided through arrangements with North Oaks Medical Center and other contracted vendors. These services may include a prosthesist/orthotist, a vocational counselor, diagnostic imaging, laboratory, pharmacy, nutrition, respiratory care and more.

The quality and timeliness of these services provided to you are continually monitored to ensure that professional standards and facility needs are met.

Meet the Therapists:

For more information on North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital, please call (985) 542-7777.