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Operating Room Staff Registered Nurse Kayleigh Receives Nurse Excellence Award

Operating Room Staff Registered Nurse Kayleigh Receives Nurse Excellence Award

Operating Room Staff Registered Nurse Kayleigh has been honored with the North Oaks Health System Nurse Excellence Award for August 2021.

“Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference for patients,” shares Kayleigh.

In 2016, Kayleigh joined the North Oaks Medical Center team as a Nurse Tech on the Telemetry Unit. After becoming a Staff Registered Nurse in 2018, she transferred to the Intermediate Care Unit. In December 2020, she transferred once more to the Operating Room and also assisted in the overflow Medical Intensive Care Unit during the COVID-19 surge.  

Kayleigh notes, “My short career in Nursing has already been so rewarding. I cannot wait to see what the future holds for me and my passion.”

Kayleigh earned a bachelor’s degree in Nursing from Southeastern Louisiana University.

“I have known that I wanted to be a nurse since I was little girl,” explains Kayleigh. “My grandmother was a nurse, and I always admired her for helping people, but my decision was not solidified until I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes at the age of 11. I was scared, but I had a great team of nurses who stayed by my side and helped me overcome my fear and doubts. And that is when I knew I wanted to be a nurse – a nurse who has been through tough times and knows how much it means to have someone who cares.”

Kayleigh and her husband Alan live in Hammond with their rescue dogs Belle, Lilly and Bailey.

Kayleigh’s pastimes include traveling, cutting and making vinyl decals, and playtime with her “pups.” She’s also a Zumba and cardio hip hop instructor at a local fitness center.

“Shortly after joining the OR team, a surge in COVID patients prompted the hospital to open a second critical care unit. Kayleigh immediately volunteered to join the frontlines of the pandemic on this new unit – often functioning as the lead Registered Nurse," asserts Clinical Nurse Manager Robert LeBlanc. "Her level of helpfulness is admirable and beyond compare.”