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Robotic Surgery: The Right Choice for Urology Care

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  • Written By: Gabrielle Cox
Robotic Surgery: The Right Choice for Urology Care

After being transferred from one urologist to the next, and still having an unclear answer to his problem, Donald Casteel (Don) found himself unsure of where to turn.

Diagnosed with bladder cancer in May of 2019, he finally heard about Dr. Brad Lake, urologist at North Oaks Health System, and found his way to his office. Since Don had already seen four urologists, gone through two surgeries, been given intravesical chemotherapy (chemo drugs inserted directly into the bladder through a catheter) and BCG treatments, his cancer had become severe and unmanageable. He was desperate for action.

“Eventually, the cancer became so aggressive that I was told I had to have my bladder and my prostate removed,” he shares.

While still coming to terms with the growing cancer, Dr. Lake helped him arrive at a decision that they both felt was in Don’s best interest. Dr. Lake ensured that Don would receive the best care for the best overall outcome through robotic surgery.

“Using robotic-assisted surgery, our surgeons at North Oaks can perform complex and delicate surgeries using small incisions with extreme precision. With the help of this robotic technology, people experience speedier recovery times, reduced risk of bleeding and far less pain,” affirms Dr. Lake.

Not only did Don find himself trusting Dr. Lake with his medical needs, but he also found a trust in the robot, da Vinci® Si Robotic Surgical System, that performed the complex surgery at Dr. Lake’s hands.

“I think as extensive as this surgery was, you are probably better to do the robotics surgery because they don’t need to open you up as much. I was sore, but I didn’t feel like I needed much pain medication after the procedure,” Don exclaims.

After living in agony for so long, Don finally felt like his needs were met at North Oaks and he explained the gratitude he still feels post-surgery.

“I had been through extreme pain with the cancer. I was living in terror, but Dr. Lake helped me and is a great representative of North Oaks. He is a one in a million physician. This man takes the time and he does not get impatient with you. He will do what you need done and he listens which is such a huge thing in a doctor patient relationship” Don expressed.

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