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COVID-19: Tips for Entertaining Senior Citizens

COVID-19: Tips for Entertaining Senior Citizens

Our senior citizens are among the most vulnerable to the effects of COVID-19. 

To protect them, assisted living and nursing home communities are following state and federal guidelines to keep them safe from visitors who might infect them with the coronavirus. And, those who live independently may also be socially isolated. 

The AARP has some suggestions to keep seniors engaged. 

  • Send snail mail. Handwritten cards and letters are more special than ever, Recipients can display the cards and re-read correspondence to remind themselves that you care.
  • Share a virtual meal. Order what your loved one likes (and pay for it) via a meal delivery service and make sure the meal gets there at an arranged time. Then call to talk during the meal. 
  • Deliver food. If you can’t bring a few packages of treats, arrange for a bulk delivery. For those who are able and still like to cook, get their grocery lists and do the shopping for them or use a shopping service to deliver. 
  • Share a special puzzle. Order a jigsaw puzzle of your family from mail-order companies that specialize in custom photos. Or, if you have a special piece of your child’s artwork, have it customized as a puzzle.
  • Assemble a hobby box. You can fill it with items that appeal to your senior’s individual interests like crossword puzzle books, magazines, paints, yarn, notecards or adult coloring books and crayons. 
Source: AARP