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Medical Professionals Recognized for Lifesaving Actions

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  • Written By: Melanie Zaffuto

North Oaks Health System President/CEO Michele Sutton recently presented Clinic LPN Anna Sellers and Dr. Hugo Valdes of North Oaks Family Medicine in Hammond with Extraordinary Story Awards for the lifesaving care they gave to one of their patients.

From left are: Vice President of Clinics Kanna Page, Robert Sarafinis, Clinic LPN Anna Sellers, Corrine Sarafinis and President/CEO Michele Sutton. Not pictured is Dr. Hugo Valdes.

The following submission was provided by Mr. Robert C. Sarafinis, patient of North Oaks Family Medicine Clinic:

On Sept. 4, 2015, Mr. Robert Sarafinis was having blood drawn at the North Oaks Family Medicine Clinic when he suffered a Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA). SCA often occurs in active people who seem to be healthy and have no known medical conditions, and frequently is the first indication of a heart condition.

Although he has no memory of the event, people have told him what happened next. He credits Anna Sellers, LPN, who immediately performed CPR, and Dr. Hugo Valdes, who was “calm and cool” throughout the emergency, for saving his life. When he returned to the clinic one month later, the staff met him with smiles and hugs that made him feel very special.

After learning about the Extraordinary Stories program in 2018, Mr. Sarafinis called North Oaks to see if it was too late to honor Dr. Valdes and his staff for their lifesaving care. It is our pleasure to do so, Mr. Sarafinis!