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Healthy Snacks for Kids

Parents and caregivers can help encourage a lifetime of healthy eating habits for the whole family by making fruits and vegetables a part of every meal, limiting snacks and controlling portion sizes. Create opportunities for good choices by following these 3 simple tips:

Think: Easy

Healthy snacks are easy ways to cut sugar and fat from your child’s diet. A busy family can benefit from food that’s nutritious and easy to eat on-the-go. Have healthy snacks on hand, and pre-package appropriate serving sizes of fruits, vegetables, crackers, etc. When your kids are hungry, you already have a quick treat on hand!

Think: Creatively

Dealing with a child that refuses to try new foods? Here are a few suggestions our employees have used to encourage their children to make healthy choices:

Shop and cook with your kids.

“Having our children involved in the process of selecting and preparing their snacks and meals has made a big difference in the variety of foods they will eat.” -Heather of Walker

Make it fun.

“My grandchildren eat more whenever I arrange their food into faces on their plates or cut their sandwiches into shapes.” -Melissa of Madisonville

Create a “try it first” rule.

“Before our 4 year old can veto an item off his plate, he must try it first. The rule has helped him get comfortable with new foods.” – Marquette of Hammond

Give ‘em options.

“Placing my daughter’s snacks in a muffin tin tray makes for a special presentation. More importantly, it gives her a variety of healthy choices.” -Lauren of Ponchatoula

Think: Placement

Children and families tend to consume more of the foods that are easily reached.

Here are a few tips to make healthier choices:

  • Keep healthy foods at eye level. Fruits and vegetables are more likely to be consumed if they are within reach.
  • Store tempting foods out of sight. Place cookies, chips and ice cream out of immediate eyesight. Set these items on a high shelf or in the back of the freezer to reduce temptation.
  • Trade in the candy dish. Replace your sugar-laden candy dish with a fruit bowl.