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Diagnostic, Patient Access and Nursing Staff Receive "Extraordinary Story" Honors

Diagnostic, Patient Access and Nursing Staff Receive

When word spread that a North Oaks employee had been robbed and was forced to cancel plans to celebrate the holidays with family, a group of coworkers pulled together to help in her time of need. Within 30 minutes of learning of their coworker’s plight, Nuclear Medicine Supervisor Glenn Allen, Patient Transport Assistant Kimberly Cannoot, Sonographer Lapreshia Clark, Radiology Receptionist Mary Crockett, MRI Technologist Sarah Gagliano, Intermediate Care Unit Nursing Assistant Keyonntae Gibson, Patient Access Associate Shanice Mitchell, Radiology Nurse Tiffany Owens, Neurology Clinic Medical Assistant Shanise Primas, Imaging Records Analyst Aimee Reed and Monitor Tech Ashley Rogers sprang in to action to make sure she would be able to have the holiday gathering she had planned.

As the recipient of their generosity explains, “They handed me a brown envelope and told me, ‘This is for you, and we hope it helps.’ Inside was a beautiful card signed by everyone with some cash money. I could not help it; I started to cry. I have never been touched so deeply as I was that day! They don’t know me; we see each other from time to time, speak and go on with our lives. These people went out of their way to help make my Thanksgiving better. They did something no one else has ever done in my whole life. I have never felt so touched as I did that day. They made me feel like family. They showed me we ARE one big family here at North Oaks. I can’t say it enough. I have never felt so loved and so accepted as I did that day... In this old world, we are so quick to point people’s faults out, so when something positive happens, it’s only right to point that out too. I will never forget these people. I carry the card with me in my purse, and when I am feeling down, I take the card out and read it again. They need to be recognized for this.”

We couldn’t agree more! Glenn, Kimberly, Lapreshia, Mary, Sarah, Keyonntae, Shanice, Tiffany, Shanise, Aimee and Ashley are deserving of recognition as Extraordinary Story recipients because they made a conscious choice to come to the aid of a member of their work family. Their generous act is a shining example of our 4Cs Standards of Behavior—Communication, Compassion, Commitment and Courtesy.