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Update: September 10, 2020

Quote of the Day: Respect is love in plain clothes.

  • State stats: 154,955 COVID-19 cases (up 1,778 since Tuesday), with 4,970 deaths (up 28 since Tuesday). There are 782 COVID patients in hospitals (down 5), with 123 on vents (down 1).
  • Gov. Edwards is hosting a press conference at 10:30 this morning to announce whether there will be any changes to Phase II restrictions. His current order expires tomorrow. We will update you on any changes to operations after we hear what he has to say.
  • North Oaks Stats: We have 7 COVID-positive patients in-house, with 1 PUI and 1 patient on a vent.
  • Employee Wellness reports that 26 employee are out monitoring (7 RNs, 2 respiratory therapists) and 4 staff were returned to work yesterday.
  • Hood has a census of 19 today, with 1 COVID-positive patient and 0 employees out monitoring.
  • NORH has a census of 19 today with no COVID-positive patients. They have 3 employees out monitoring symptoms.
  • Clinics report that volume is up after the holiday, and the COVID hotline has 19 calls yesterday. Flu shots have arrived.
  • ODC volume is steady after the holiday Monday.
  • Nursing reports that staffing continues to be tight. Many thanks to our nursing staff for their help covering shifts.
  • Michael reports that the glove shortage is officially over – the shipment has come in.
  • Supervisors – remember that payroll must be approved by Sunday at 10 a.m.