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Update: March 18, 2020

Uploaded 1:20 p.m., 3/18/20
LDH: Preventing the Spread of Coronovirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) in Homes and Residential Communities - Patients (pdf)

Uploaded 9 a.m., 3/18/20
When to Suspect COVID-19 and Perform Testing (pdf)

Updated 11:20 a.m., 3/18/20

  • As of 9:30 a.m. there are 240 cases across 13 parishes. There are no reported cases in Tangipahoa Parish, but we have many tests out. There have been 4 deaths – all in Orleans Parish.
  • The state has implemented a COVID-19 information hotline. People can call 211 to have their questions answered.
  • Dr. Peltier and Michele Sutton are giving an update to the Parish Council tonight.
  • At 12:30 this afternoon we are having our first weekly call for the medical staff. Please encourage everyone who can to participate. A meeting summary will be distributed post-meeting.
  • LDH is providing an elective surgery guide to physicians.
  • Supplies: We are critically low on small green N-95 masks, please use judiciously and only when truly needed. We have 4,700 blue N-95 masts, but are using 500-600/day. Please use only when necessary. Remember that goggles can be cleaned between uses – so please do not dispose of after only one use.
  • Occupational Health Services is calling clients and asking them to not send routine/well patients to the OHS clinic at this time.
  • The population health clinic is cancelling Medicare wellness visits and routine follow-ups at this time. They performed 130 televisits yesterday.
  • The drive-through screening stations performed 60 tests yesterday. The process is going like clock work.
  • The cafeteria is open but meals are “to go” only. Please eat in your break rooms.
  • If a patient is receiving meals on a disposable tray, please dispose of the tray at bedside and double-bag the trash. Do not return the disposable trays to the cafeteria.
  • LHD has cancelled all elective dental care/procedures.
  • We are suspending employee classes for the time being. Virtual options are being explored for employee orientation and potentially some classes.
  • The Louisiana Organ Procurement Agency will be conducting family consultations via FaceTime. Arrangements for consultations will be coordinated through the house supervisor.
  • The Emergency Department is setting up a separate triage and patient treatment area for patients who have respiratory issues. This should be operational by the end of the week.
  • Blood shortages are at a critical stage. If you are able to give blood, please participate in the North Oaks Blood Drive on Friday, March 20, from 7:30 – 3 p.m. in the ODC.
  • As leaders and managers are flexing staff, please be sure to check with HR to see if there is an unmet manpower need before sending staff home.
  • Visitor control is going well. We are maintaining the one visitor per patient rule. Clinics are calling patients the day before their scheduled appointments to screen for symptoms, and at that time we are reminding them of the one visitor rule.
  • We have instituted temperature checks at the Main Entrance and ED as part of the visitor screening. Visitors with a temperature of 100 degrees are being turned away. After we have optimized procedures/work flow we may roll out temperature checks at other visitor screening locations.
  • Employee Wellness is following CDC guidelines for monitoring health care workers who may have had exposure to a COVID-19 patient, and monitoring temperatures twice daily. Call volume is high, so staff have been added.
  • Just a reminder that staff who have followed isolation precautions, appropriately used PPE and followed hand hygiene protocols are safe to go home in their work clothes. If your clothes are soiled or you were not protected, it is recommended you change clothes before contact with others.
  • Infection Prevention has identified options for disposable wipes and we are sourcing supplies. Stay tuned for more details.
  • Please remember to code non-direct patient care expenses for COVID-19 to account 8600. Remember to track disaster hours on the Disaster Hours Timesheet, which is located on Oaklink under Forms/Finance/Disaster Hours. You can report total hours/day – no need to record tasks separately. These forms can be turned in to payroll weekly or with payroll every other week.
  • Please let Michele Sutton know of any resources you would like posted in the COVID-19 toolkit.
  • Certification Boards have extended their expiration dates for at least 60 days. The American Heart Association also has extended expiration date for CPR certifications for 60 days.