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Celebrate with Safety

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  • Written By: Nanette White
Celebrate with Safety

Fireworks have been an annual tradition of Americans, but result in many emergency room visits each year. The best way to protect your family is to attend public firework displays, which are lighted by professionals. If planning a firework show at your home, check first to be sure it is legal in your area of residence and exercise safety and precaution with these safety tips:

  • Implement close adult supervision for children. Glow sticks are a great alternative for small kids.
  • Avoid loose clothing, dry grass, homes and buildings, flammable substances and standing above or close to lit fireworks.
  • Do not re-light fireworks that did not ignite.
  • Avoid trash fires by submersing fireworks, lit or not, in water before disposal. Keep a bucket of water close and know how to use a fire extinguisher properly.
  • If injured, avoid rubbing eyes and visit the nearest doctor or hospital immediately.

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