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Stroke Rehabilitation Program

Our Scope:

North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital offers a comprehensive inpatient rehabilitation program that may help if you or a loved one has experienced a stroke.  We begin with an evaluation of the stroke conditions and risk factors and continue monitoring throughout the patient’s inpatient stay. Through medical care, specialized therapies and services targeted to meet the needs of our stroke patients, our clients are able to focus on compensating for any physical, cognitive and social limitations resulting from a stroke, by building on the strengths they possess. 

The Referral Process:

Your family physician can refer you to the Rehabilitation Hospital. Family members are strongly encouraged to visit our hospital when seeking rehabilitation for their loved ones after a stroke. 

Our Team:

A team of experts will work with you and your family to identify achievable goals that maximize functional independence. 

Patient and their families:

Our program is patient and family centered.  We encourage daily family participation and also hold family conferences to integrate therapy gains into the home setting.

Intake Registered Nurses:

The intake nurse initiates the assessment of the effects of the stroke and related conditions. A multidisciplinary team provides input for admission acceptance.

Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Doctors:

A Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation doctor specializes in rehabilitation medicine.  He/she will direct an individual rehabilitation program with input from the multidisciplinary team.  They will also communicate with other physicians involved in the patient’s care.

Physical Therapists:

A Physical Therapist helps promote independence with mobility by developing a plan to optimize movement and muscle control while improving strength, endurance and balance. 

Occupational Therapists:

An Occupational Therapist helps promote independence with activities of daily living like bathing, grooming, dressing, eating and household activities while also addressing needs in the areas of orientation, attention and memory.

Speech Therapists:

The Speech Therapist assesses problems with speech, swallowing and phonation related to stroke.  They also address issues related to cognition or thinking.

Social Workers/Case Managers:

The social workers/case managers will provide support to patients and families regarding any impairments related to the stroke. They facilitate communication between the patient and team members.  They facilitate discharge planning options that address any needs regarding financial or community issues.  Employers or school personnel can be included in this process if goals identified involve returning to work or school.

Nutritional Specialists:

A registered dietician will assist in meal planning and preparation in order to facilitate recovery with good nutrition. 

Respiratory Therapists:

A respiratory therapist is available 24 hours a day to assist with any respiratory issues. 

Medical Management:

The patient’s family physician or surgeon may continue to see the patient during their stay. 

Rehabilitation Nursing:

Rehabilitation nursing staff will be available 24 hours a day to assist with medications, self-care and reinforce techniques and gains made during therapy. 

Other Services Offered:

  • Neuropsychologist
  • Chaplaincy Services
  • Adaptive Driving Program
  • Aquatic Therapy

Education and Support Groups:

Our education to the patient and family includes information about stroke and preventing a second stroke.  We also facilitate patients and families joining stroke support groups.

Service Model For Admit Process

View the Service Model For Admit Process (PDF)

For more information on North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital, please call (985) 345-2700.