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Diagnostic X-Ray

Diagnostic radiology is the branch of medicine best known for taking and reading X-rays, and is the nucleus of almost every doctor’s diagnosis. Being able to detect disease sooner and pinpoint its location more accurately is a huge factor in stopping disease in its tracks.   Because of the evolution of X-rays and the field of diagnostic radiology, medicine is being changed on a daily basis.

Fluoroscopy X-Ray is ‘real-time’ imaging used by medical professionals to visualize internal organs while they are in motion. Sometimes a contrast material is used in conjunction with fluoroscopy to help medical experts visualize how the substance is moving through the body. These images are captured on a video screen and helps doctors detect conditions like colon cancer, reflux, ulcers and causes of abdominal pain.

Common procedures performed include:

  • Gastrointestinal studies of the upper and lower GI tract 
  • Myelography, or the study of the spinal canal for disc herniations 
  • Swallowing evaluations of stroke patients 
  • Skeletal films 
  • Trauma radiography 
  • Contrast evaluations of kidney functions 

Results are provided to your doctor typically within 48 hours of your visit. Studies are read by a board-certified radiologist with North Oaks Imaging Associates, and are available to your doctor in a CD format upon request.

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Diagnostic Radiology Services are provided at the following locations:

North Oaks Medical Center
15790 Paul Vega, MD, Drive
Hammond, LA 70403

North Oaks Diagnostic Center
15837 Paul Vega, MD, Drive
(on the campus of North Oaks Medical Center)
Hammond, LA  70403

North Oaks-Livingston Parish Medical Complex
17199 Spring Ranch Road
Livingston, LA 70754 

To schedule an appointment, call North Oaks Patient Scheduling between 7 a.m. and 5:30 p.m.

Hammond (985) 230-7777 
Livingston (225) 686-4899