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Current Menu

For the full daily menu, call the North Oaks Medical Center Cafeteria at (985) 230-6976 or call the North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital Cafeteria at (985) 230-5685.
For additional information, such as the hours of operation as well as the acceptable methods of payment, click here.

The North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital Cafeteria is closed on weekends.

Mon., Feb. 8

NOMC:  Healthy Option - turkey patty with mushrooms, Brussels sprouts; Regular Menu - red beans, roast beef, rice, mashed potatoes, smoked sausage, peas, turnip greens, cornbread
NORH: Healthy Option -  blackened tilapia, steamed squash; Regular Menu -  white beans & rice, sausage, turnip greens, cornbread

Tues., Feb. 9

NOMC: Healthy Option -  chicken stuffed pepper, spinach; Regular Menu - wings, spaghetti bake, au gratin potatoes, broccoli, baby carrots, lima beans, rice, cornbread
NORH: Healthy Option -  baked turkey, Italian veggies; Regular Menu -  lasagna, fried jalapeno peppers, green beans, garlic bread

Wed., Feb. 10

NOMC: Healthy Option - turkey meatloaf, cauliflower; Regular Menu -  lasagna, fried pork chop, mashed potatoes, green beans, cabbage, cheese sticks with marinara sauce, breadstick
NORH: Healthy Option -  garlic lime grilled chicken, steamed zucchini; Regular Menu -  pot roast, rice and gravy, green bean fries, sweet potato casserole, dinner roll

Thurs., Feb. 11

NOMC: Healthy Option -  beef and broccoli, green beans; Regular Menu - meatloaf, shrimp etouffee, rice, mashed potatoes, winter vegetables, zucchini, fried mushrooms
NORH: Healthy Option -  baked ham, steamed cabbage; Regular Menu -  hamburger steak, mashed potatoes, veggie blend, chicken tenders, eggplant fries

Fri., Feb. 12 

NOMC: Healthy Option -  spicy shrimp fry, winter vegetables; Regular Menu -  fried fish, chicken pot pie, seasoned whole potatoes, California vegetables, oven roasted corn, cauliflower, mac and cheese
NORH: Healthy Option - grilled chicken wraps, grilled vegetables; Regular Menu -  fried fish, breaded mushrooms, BBQ pork on bun, sweet potato fries

Sat., Feb. 13

NOMC: spaghetti and meatballs, smothered chicken, rice, pasta, Malibu vegetables, succotash, bread stick

Sun., Feb. 14

NOMC: stuffed bell pepper, smothered pork chop, rice, au gratin potatoes, sliced carrots, peas, fried cauliflower