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Heart Health Risk Assessment

Are You At Risk For Heart Disease?

Your  risk for heart disease depends on a variety of factors. Some, like your age, gender, and family history, are beyond your control. Others risk factors, like whether or not you smoke, are completely within your power to change. How at risk are you for heart disease?  Take a moment to check off the risk factors that apply to you.

__ I am a male.
__ I am over age 50.
__ I have an existing heart condition.
__ I have a family history of heart disease
__ I have a family history of high blood pressure.
__ I have high blood pressure.
__ I do not know my blood pressure level.
__ I have diabetes.
__ I have a family history of diabetes.
__ I am more than 10 pounds overweight.
__ I have a family history of high cholesterol levels.
__ I have a high cholesterol level.
__ I do not know my cholesterol level.
__ I consume more than 1-2 alcoholic drinks daily.
__ I eat eggs, red meat, fried and/or fatty foods frequently.
__ I smoke cigarettes.
__ I do not exercise regularly, or exercise less than three times weekly.
__ I have a very stressful job.
__ I rarely have time to relax.

Finding The Results

Heart disease risk is cumulative, meaning  the more  factors you checked off, the greater your risk for developing heart disease. Reread your answers. Identify those factors that are within your control. Then, begin to reduce your risk by gradually eliminating those behaviors that you can change. Don’t expect change to happen overnight! Start by working on one unhealthy habit at a time, and soon you'll be on your way to a heart-healthier way of life.