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Sleep Disorders Center

Phone: (985) 230-6083
Fax: (985) 230-6113

Located at North Oaks Diagnostic Center

North Oaks Sleep Disorders Center provides clinical services and treatments for patients who may exhibit symptoms of a sleep disorder.
The Center’s sleep evaluations are designed to:
  • Evaluate sleep disorders
  • Evaluate and discuss treatment options for sleep disorders.
Each one of our four soundproof, hotel-style bedrooms has an adjustable, queen-sized bed, recliner, a private bathroom and shower with handicapped accessibility. If you choose, you may bring a change of clothes for the next day and leave directly from the Sleep Disorders Center. For your comfort, your bedroom is furnished with a ceiling fan, night lights, a thermostat for you to control room air temperature and a television with a DVD/VCR player.

The most common symptoms of sleep disorders are: 
  • daytime sleepiness
  • heavy snoring
  • breathing irregularities
  • morning headaches
  • nighttime chest pains
  • excessive use of sleeping pills
Other symptoms may include difficulty in falling asleep or frequent awakenings during the night.

Learn More About Common Sleep Disorders.


The North Oaks Sleep Disorders Center is accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine.

Sleep Disorders Director

Dr. Lauren L. Davis, MD
Pulmonologist and North Oaks Sleep Disorders Specialist