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Radiology Services

Diagnostic radiology is the branch of medicine that has traditionally been known for taking and reading X-rays. Like every other field of medicine, technology has radically changed this specialty forever. Diagnostic radiology is the nucleus of almost every physician’s diagnosis. Being able to detect disease sooner and pinpoint its location more accurately is a huge factor in stopping disease in its tracks.

Because of the evolution of X-rays and the field of diagnostic radiology, medicine is being changed on a daily basis. At last, we can see clearly into the human body without sacrificing quality of life.

At North Oaks Health System, we offer a comprehensive range of Radiology Services including:

Results are provided to your physician typically within 48 hours of your visit. Studies are read by a board-certified radiologist with North Oaks Imaging Associates, and are available to your physician in a CD format upon request.

Do you have a question about radiology?

E-mail your questions and one of our staff members will reply within 48 hours:
Sorry, no medical advice can be exchanged.

Interested in a career in Radiology?

The North Oaks School of Radiologic Technology prepares eligible students for a rewarding health care career in a profession that combines the use of technical equipment with the human touch. The School is accredited by the Joint Review Committee on Education in Radiologic Technology (JRCERT). Want to learn more? Click here.