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Facility Overview

At North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital, we offer you a healing environment, quality care and personalized attention and have designed our facility with your comfort and recovery in mind.

Your Healing Environment: 

  • During your stay, you will stay in one of our 27 private rooms designed to let you move around comfortably. 
  • A large dining room is used for meals and social activities. 
  • Family education and conference rooms are available. 


We provide an 8,000-plus square foot treatment area with specialized equipment and a separate kitchen, bathroom and clothes-washing area to practice skills that will help you get back to everyday life. 

Transitional Living Apartment:

Before you leave the hospital, you may be scheduled to stay in the Transitional Living Apartment. This apartment provides you and your caregiver a place to practice daily skills together and ease the transition from the hospital setting to your home or community. The apartment offers a full kitchen, living room, bathroom and bedroom.

Therapeutic Garden:

One of our unique tools helping you along the road to recovery is our Therapeutic Garden. Flower beds at different heights provide challenges that improve your daily living skills. A variety of surfaces, such as brick, cement, gravel, sand and grass help you practice walking. You also can strengthen your problem-solving and language skills through identification of plants, care challenges and solutions. 

Aquatic Center:

Water therapy in our Aquatic Center may be included in your activities. A special ramp allows easy, convenient access for patients of all abilities. 

For more information on North Oaks Rehabilitation Hospital, please call (985) 542-7777.