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Classes for Families & Children

Body Beautiful I Class: Puberty

This class is designed for girls (grades 4-5) and a parent/guardian to discuss the physical and emotional changes that occur in adolescent girls.

Body Beautiful II: Self-Esteem

This class is designed for girls (grades 6-9) and is geared to boosting self-esteem, dealing with emotions, and teaching young ladies how to resist peer pressure.

Breastfeeding Class

This class is for parents who may be considering breastfeeding or who have already decided to breastfeed their baby. Topics include positioning the baby properly, nutrition, pumping and storing breast milk, and the benefits of breastfeeding.

Car Seat Fitting Station

Certified child passenger safety technicians are available by appointment to install child passenger safety seats and boosters and provide instruction to ensure the safe transport of children of all ages. *By appointment only.

Prenatal I Class: Families under Construction

This class focuses on preparing your home for your newborn, pregnancy anatomy, true and false labor, as well as hospital procedures.

Prenatal II Class: Labor & Delivery

This class focuses on topics, including anesthesia, the four stages of labor and delivery, as well as vaginal and cesarean births.

Prenatal III Class: Relaxation Techniques

This class focuses on the many techniques available to aid the laboring mother through childbirth, such as imagery, progressive muscle relaxation, massage, various breathing techniques and position changes.

Prenatal IV Class: Infant Care (& Tour)

This class explores topics, such as the postpartum recovery period and caring for your newborn.

Prenatal V Class: American Heart Association CPR for Family & Friends

This class teaches adult, child and infant CPR and preventing common injuries and choking.

Something for Siblings Class

This class is for the new big brother or sister (ages 3-10) to help him or her adjust to the new baby. 

Super Sitter

This class explores the responsibilities involved in babysitting, including basic first aid techniques, abdominal thrust and CPR for children and infants.

All classes are held in the E. Brent Dufreche Conference Center, located within North Oaks Diagnostic Center, at 15837 Paul Vega, MD, Drive in Hammond.

To register for all classes please call the North Oaks Scheduling Department at (985) 230-7777.