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Labor & Delivery Services

Having a baby should be an experience you will always treasure.

At North Oaks Medical Center, we offer a variety of services to help prepare you for and complement your birthing experience. For more information on Labor and Delivery Services at North Oaks Medical Center, please call us at (985) 345-2700.

Birthing Suites – One Level of Care

Expectant mothers experience one standardized level of care in a private Labor, Delivery and Recovery Suite.

LDR Suites, as they are more commonly known, offer comfort, space and privacy with special features.

After recovery, your care will continue during the postpartum period until discharge to the OB/GYN Unit, which also features all-private rooms.

Birthing Ball

One of the many ways the Labor and Delivery staff works to meet your needs is through use of “birthing balls.” These large, soft therapy balls may be used to provide you with the freedom to position yourself for maximum comfort during labor.

What Breastfeeding Moms Need to Know

Many new moms choose to breastfeed because of the numerous health benefits it provides for their babies. Lactation Consultants are specially trained, Registered Nurses who provide breastfeeding guidance and support in the classroom or through individual consults. At North Oaks, the Lactation Consultants are board certified, the highest level that can be accomplished in the field.

Small Miracles

Although every mother looks forward to the birth of a healthy, thriving baby, sometimes a baby is born prematurely or with a health condition that requires admission to a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU). North Oaks NICU ranks among the top 25%* in the U.S. Every year, the NICU staff hosts a reunion for former patients, where each and every miracle is celebrated.

*According to the prestigious Vermont Oxford Study in their review of patient outcomes in selected areas.

North Oaks also offers a variety of childbirth preparation classes as well as physical therapy to address your needs during pregnancy and after delivery.